Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Colours of April

April has been mostly a beautiful month with lots of warm days and a few cold, almost snowy days thrown in.

 Early in the month the mountains had new snow and the trees had new spring green leaves

Our yard has beautiful flowers and bright green grass.

flowering almond                   apricot tree

The hills in the main valley around Kamloops are starting to turn green, but higher up there is still not much growth and there is still snow around.

April showers have meant lots of golden light against dark skies.  These pictures are looking at the trees behind our house from our sundeck at 8 pm one night.

Sue at lifeloomslarge.blogspot.com/ has more pictures of the colours of the month from around the world. It's fun to look at all the flowers blooming.


  1. You have ample color inspiration around you! What a beautiful area you live in. I always enjoy seeing the responses to Sue's Colors of the Month.

  2. Hi Sandra - I am not too far from you ( a few hours drive) This srping has been amazing with some hot days where everything seemed to burst into bloom. Lovely to see more colours from B.C.

  3. Lovely colours, beautiful country where you live! Very nice pictures, too.

  4. Beautiful colors of April! Thanks for sharing them!

    I'm somehow surprised that an apricot tree can grow there. Just when I thought we'd make it through April without any more cold and snow, a bit of snow came our way. More ended up in the mountains in northern NH. I'm glad to live where it's just hilly, so I can't see reminders of winter!!!

    You live in such a beautiful spot!!